Fresh Hair & Body

To celebrate Fresh Hair & Beauty opening their fourth store in the western suburb of St Clair, their already-established salon on the Parade had a little party.

A group of excited guests gathered at their Norwood location and were greeted on arrival by some lovely girls with perfect, flowing hair holding trays of champagne glasses. On offer were free manicures, hair styling and makeup touchups, and since we were there we decided to try it all.

My partner for the evening signed up to get her makeup done, and after a short ten minutes she was event ready. Her artist, using tools from Make Up Forever, had quickly given her a metallic, deep green smokey eye, and it looked fab.

Next on our itinerary was hair. While there were some ladies getting complicated upstyles, there’s not much you can do with short hair so I left it up to my stylist and her imagination. What I came out of it with was perfect Sienna Miller-esque bed hair, so perfect and amazing no normal human could ever achieve this by simply waking up.

While the ladies gave us our manicures, we were able to ask a few questions about the business. Fresh Hair & Body has been around for about eight years, and in that time have opened numerous salons in Mawson Lakes, Norwood, North Adelaide and now St Clair, and offer almost every kind of beauty service. From hair cuts and colours, to hair removal, waxing, eyelash extensions and makeup, these guys are passionate about it all.The girls were all really chatty and friendly, making it easy to talk to them, unlike the hairdresser your mum took you to when you were younger who asked you all those awkward small talk questions.

If you have any beauty needs, make sure to pop into one of the Fresh Hair & Beauty stores near you. They do an amazing job, and you’ll still be able to afford to eat for the rest of the week!

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