Falling in love with Belash

As I write this article in the midst of a chilly night in September, a Belash Soy Candle burns dimly at the far corner of my desk, exuding the fresh fragrances of pineapple and mango while making a light crackling noise to break the stiff silence. I’ve got my superfood clay facemask lathered on my face and some soft piano music playing in the background; this really is the best kind of working environment.

But my Belash candles don’t just join me when I’m working, they make a great addition to any number of my home activities. Doing the dishes? Light a Belash candle. Getting into the bath? Light a Belash candle. Trying to get yourself into some crazy yoga position with a YouTube tutorial? Light a Belash candle. It’s become quite the blissful routine, now.

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The Belash range was born of a passion for beauty and creativity, as owner Bel resonates: “I always wanted to do something magical; something that would combine my passion for creating beautiful spaces in my house with my love of being creative.”

Bel spent months of research, trialling and testing to pave the way for her now grandiose range of candles inspired by her very home, South Australia. Having each candle specially hand-poured with the same love and care as the next, the scents have been inspired by Bel’s pursuits to local places of unspoiled land, beautiful wine regions, pine forests and relaxing beaches. Her aim is to recreate these memories and share them with both fellow South Australians and the world in the form of a candle.

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Envisage the aroma of fig and melon from McLaren Vale wafting through your bedroom, or fresh linen from Eyre circulating your bathroom as you bathe in a bubble bath. Perhaps you prefer a citrus coconut lime scent from Second Valley, or maybe you’re more of a creamy caramel fudge from Flinders kinda gal? Each of these scents and so many more are available in the delicious soy candle range from Belash.

Belash Candles can burn for more than fifty hours, being crafted with a lush soy wax that burns slowly and cleanly, void of any nasty additives like herbicides, pesticides or toxins. They are a wonderful, natural, eco-friendly gift made renewable using vegetables and are undoubtedly perfect for any home.

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At the rate were burning our scrumptious soy candles, we’re certain we’re falling in love with Belash.

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