Femme Luxe: All Black Everything

Back at it again with the Femme. As it comes into cooler weather, we tend to tip toe away from our colourful clothes and step back into blacks. For reasons being, well not only because lighter colours reflect the heat while darker colours absorb it, but also because black just seems to represent winter right. It’s cold, little sunlight, kinda miserable, kinda gloomy. Black’s a good colour to symbolise all that, right?

Buuuut it’s not all doom and gloom, because black is (no surprises) our all-time favourite colour to wear. Period. It’s flattering, sleek, professional and, in the right ways, intimidating. Perhaps powerful for better use of the word. It’s hard to go wrong with black because it is such an easy colour to style with and you’ll find that mostly every design comes with a black version. Did we mention it doesn’t get dirty easily? Highly convenient. So, without further ado, here are our two latest picks from Femme Luxe Finery.

Mel chose a black one shoulder jumpsuit with a flattering tie scenario (to hide the food baby) and flared legs. Made of a very stretchy, bodycon material, this jumpsuit outlines the curves in all the right ways and is all sorts of comfy – perfect for a night out in town getting down on the d-floor.

Kristen chose a black sheer mesh blouse with polkadots, which is extremely versatile for going out or day wear. It also makes for great layering, weather over a tank top, bralette or underneath a pinafore.

We wore both of these items to dinner at Bloomsbury Street Kitchen.

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