GANZ EP Review

…Lost in the sky…

One of the very first lyrics from Dutch producer GANZ’s EP ‘GAO’, to be dropped from outer space this Friday 13th May, sets the precedent for the entire six-track journey. The 26-year-old prodigy from the Netherlands takes a unique blend of electro and trap and basically puts the whole thing in a blender, which then explodes into a colourful blast of space-aged electronica.

After bursting onto the electro scene in 2014 with his take on Flume’s mix of Hermitude’s ‘HyperParadise’, GANZ wasted no time in putting together his debut EP ‘Dino War’. While ‘Dino War’ put the Dutch up-and-comer on the map, ‘GAO’ is set to send him into orbit. With support from both domestic and international artists and producers, GANZ has managed to pile an extremely diverse, intriguing array of musical arrangements into just six tracks. To be honest, it feels more like an album than an EP, because there’s just so much for one’s ears to soak up. There is so much happening in every song, but it somehow works; it doesn’t sound crowded, it just sounds right.

The first track, ‘Light Years’, sets the tone for the rest of the EP with enchanting lyrics which talk of galaxies and other worlds from Australia’s own Maribelle. This is followed by a punchy, synth-heavy ‘Frolyfe’ which features fellow Dutchman Digitzz and his unique brand of super slick, almost acid rap. Digitzz adds a completely different element to GANZ’s music, almost altering its very style – and certainly not in a bad way. A special mention must go to the third tune on ‘GAO’, ‘Lone’, which features some of our finest own home-grown talent — What So Not and JOY — and has been receiving a huge amount of attention from the likes of Triple J. The combination of What So Not’s familiar, jaw-dropping style and GANZ’s cosmic, experimental sound is a wonderful jigsaw puzzle of contrast, and JOY’s ethereal voice only serves to float us further into orbit. No punches are pulled on the almost-self-titled first single from the EP, ‘GaoBear’, juxtaposing the vocals on ‘Lone’ with raw, haymaking rhymes from Dutch-English rapper Dusty. The penultimate track from ‘GAO’, and possibly my favourite, ‘Faded’, features no counterpart and shows just what GANZ can do on his own. ‘Faded’ leads its way into a hauntingly beautiful swansong for the EP, ‘Dark Places’, which features the entrancing, eerie vocals of Dutch singer MUKI alongside memorable strings.

The EP showcases shades of Porter Robinson, Flume, Dillon Francis and more, with GANZ working towards something truly unique. I have never heard such diversity in just six sequential tracks, only to have it all fit together with such cohesion.

‘GAO’ will be available via GANZ’s label The Hard Headed, and he’s also jetting into Australia for a maiden slot at Splendour in the Grass.

And get excited Adelaidians, because GANZ is also coming to Fat Controller this year as part of his official GAO tour. More information and tickets available here!

In the meantime, watch the trippy video for ‘GaoBear’ here and prepare to lose your minds…


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