Get Ready for Summer with MSFW Designer Resort

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week ended with a bang of vitality at the Designer Resort runway. We saw a variety of spectacular pieces from Camilla, Camp Cove Swim, gorman, Lee Matthews, Obus, Stella Jean at Christine, Suboo and Swash at Christine. The historic Melbourne Town Hall hosted the event, right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on a bustling Friday evening. The room was decorated with cool lighting and tropical visuals to set the scene of the much anticipated resort wear.


Camilla commenced the show boasting a glistening array of radiant designs. Featuring a tribal theme of bold colours and patterns, Camilla was both exotic, yet classically elegant. The vibrancy of the collection was accentuated by the abundance of colour and use of animal prints in each of the pieces.


Obus and Swash featured a dynamic reflection of a 1960s L.A. pool party. The designers encompassed the essence of flower power, using deeply coloured orange or green floral patterns to create a zesty contrast against black loose fitting material.



Lisa Gorman displayed an iconic collection of contemporary pieces of both clothing and swimwear. The aesthetic and compelling designs highlighted her eccentric perspective. Gorman’s pattern design was as unique as always, featuring an artistic range of edgy shapes, contrasting colours and material cuts.

Camp Cove6

Stella Jean wrapped up the show, creating an incandescent colour wheel throughout her collection. Her Italian and Caribbean heritage shone throughout her pieces. Shimmering tassels of orange and striped frocks of red and blue were just some of the exotic styles she featured in her resort wear collection.


The Closing Resort show’s radiant and unique designs were the perfect way to conclude a remarkable week at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. This season was above and beyond colourful and exceptionally beautiful.

All images taken by Lucas Dawson Photography

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