Give Me More of that Elixir

If you think a Fringe show combining acrobatics, scientists, zombies and three very talented men couldn’t also be extremely sexy, think again.

Elixir loosely follows the story of three scientists hard at work in a laboratory experimenting with various elixirs that temporarily give the consumer crazy acrobatic powers. Things go a little awry though, when a certain vial turns some of the cast into brain-eating zombies.

While many of the tricks performed we had seen before, Elixir put a unique twist to them, like the gravity-defying ladder trick, dizzying roue cyr wheel antics and a breathtaking moment where one scientist balances headfirst on a swinging trapeze.

Though these tricks require great skill and concentration, the guys from Head First Acrobats remain entertaining and engaging to the audience the whole way through, never faltering from the storyline. They win the love (and other emotions) of the audience by playing to their good looks and charm, taking off their shirts, stripping down and always being just a little suggestive.

Elixir is an hour of genuinely enjoyable, definitely hilarious acrobatic comedy with a great storyline and soundtrack to boot (does anybody else think they heard The Sims house-building music at various points during the show?). This is definitely a light-hearted show to buy tickets to this Fringe, whether it’s for the crazy tricks, funny storyline or gorgeously-ripped men.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

Image: Adelaide Fringe website

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