Half Naked Chef


Half Naked Chef: Half naked, but definitely no Jamie Oliver.

UK comedian Richard Stamp stars as TV celebrity chef Woko Jackson in the solo comedy show Half Naked Chef, held at Royal Croquet Club. Wearing only jocks, socks and an apron; Woko whips up dishes that make you wince, and shakes his tail feather until you cringe. Woko stirs up the crowd with his distasteful creations and his relatable mockery of celebrity chefs.

I enjoyed the interactive aspects of the show and Stamp’s attempts to mingle with passers-by, however in my opinion, the show lacked substance. His daggy nature and crude humour was at times entertaining, but fails him if the onlookers aren’t ‘quick on their feet’.

Like some dishes, this show is designed for an acquired taste. Much of the crowd enjoyed his flamboyant performance; however I felt like he tried too hard. Perhaps an included meal would have swayed me?

For tickets and show times visit: https://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix

We rate: ★★ 2/5 stars

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