Horoscope Cocktails and other mystical madness at Barts

barts speakeasy south kensington

The stars have aligned at Barts in South Kensington, bringing us a brand-new cocktail menu that’s inspired by the twelve horoscopes. We went along to check it out, and after giving the password and being let in through the secret door, we were whisked back to the roaring 20s and into the world of Geminis and Scorpios.

  • barts speakeasy south kensington
  • barts speakeasy south kensington

Each cocktail takes a prominent trait from the horoscope and uses it to create a drink. Mel’s sign is a Leo, and they pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one. Serving up a luxe and dramatic drink consisting of orange-infused cognac liquor, champagne and edible gold glitter, this sparkly gold drink is just as extra as Mel is.

Kristen is a Sagittarius, and her cocktail was designed to be sweet and syrupy to represent the cheery nature of the sign. Kristen isn’t much of a fan of sweet cocktails though (or maraschino cherries, which this cocktail used), so she decided to swap and become a Pisces for the evening. Using an interesting blend of whisky, fig liqueur, lemon juice and blackberry barbecue sauce, the contrasting silky drink and viscous sauce were designed to represent the Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions. Opposites truly did attract with this drink though, creating a well-balanced and savoury drink.

  • barts speakeasy south kensington

As well as the cocktails, a delicious spread of Asian-inspired tapas came out, consisting of salt and pepper squid, edamame, spring rolls and chips (not very Asian but we will never complain about chips). Our pick of the pack would definitely be the shrimp dumplings though, filled with generous amounts of shrimp and served with soy sauce. A tarot card reader, Zehra Tarot, was also present, and we were really excited to sit down with her and listen to what she had to say. We were given some advice on future life events, and even some reassurance on things that were happening in our lives right now.

If you want to come and check out what your horoscope tastes like, Barts will be running this limited edition cocktail menu for the summer period. You can find them on Sloane Avenue SW3 3DW, if you know the password.

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