Introducing CLASSPASS: A Fitness Revolution // Week 1

Whether you’re looking to challenge your current fitness schedule or actually just looking to begin one, ClassPass can offer something to suit your needs. The concept is simple: acquire a ClassPass account, browse the massive network of fitness studios and gyms in your local area, book a class and get activated!

ClassPass is an easy, revolutionary way of discovering diverse ways to get fit and help you choose what’s best for you. The movement only began two years ago, launching in NYC, and has now expanded to 39 cities worldwide with Australia being the latest addition. Cycling, yoga, boxing, pilates, martial arts, dance, strength training… the list just goes on. If you want to browse the extensive network of Adelaide fitness studios linked with ClassPass, click here.

We pride ourselves on being some of the first to join this booming lifestyle revolution, and attending our first class with ClassPass was a raging success to say the least. Below, you can find two relatively unfit girls’ recount of their first week with ClassPass.


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It was incredibly easy to book our first class online using our login details for ClassPass as we simply browsed for the specific date, time and class we were looking for. Sifting through the endless options, we came across a mix of yoga and barre at Conscious Movement and decided this was the perfect first class for us considering we both have some previous experience in barre and yoga! A few handy email and google calendar reminders from ClassPass also helped keep our fitness schedules on track.

We began our class at 5:30PM on a Thursday evening, entering a peaceful environment with soft background music and calm colours of white and purpley-pink complimenting the walls. A string of handwritten notes stretched out across the back of the room, each with a warm-hearted and enlightening message such as “I love the Earth, water and sun” and “I will simply love.” A relaxing salt lamp glowed in the corner of the room.

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Our yoga instructor Kirsty Welsh greeted us with a welcoming smile, inviting us into the studio. We were provided yoga mats, balls, dumbells and foam support blocks, all at no extra cost! Fortunately, it was a rather small class that day, so we had less people to be embarrassed in front of when we got the moves oh-so terribly wrong.

Kirsty is the perfect instructor for a beginner’s class – she is gentle in her approach, with a soothing tone to her voice. She will, however, correct your body positioning where necessary and repeats to do so until you learn the appropriate, most effective way to perform your yoga and barre exercises.

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The Conscious Movement studio itself is only very young, yet it is already proving an excellent addition to Magill Road being just minutes from the city. Beginners and advanced students are all welcome.

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