Keep your feet warm this winter with SA-born brand Karmine Leather

Karmine Leather Slippers

Ever wondered what it might feel like to walk on clouds? Buy a pair of Karmine Leather slippers and find out.

Karmine Leather is a bespoke Australian brand handcrafting sustainable and mega cosy kangaroo leather goods. Think footwear, bags, homewares and accessories. The best part? They’re South Australian born and locally crafted!

Kangaroos are harvested around Australia for their high-quality meat, and Karmine ensures nothing goes to waste by utilising the by-product (leather) of the kangaroo meat industry.

We all wear leather, but we don’t always know where the leather from our mass-produced boots or handbags come from. We may know it’s cow leather, but do we know how those cows were treated? There’s something comforting in knowing that these kangaroos lived a fulfilled life, roaming free in the Australian Outback.

The leather used in Karmine products has markings to represent and honour the life of the wild animal. This also means each product is unique and individual, just like its owner. The leather is lightweight and comfortable, water and stain-resistant, and overall super easy to clean, making it great for footwear.

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Karmine Leather were kind enough to gift us a pair of slippers this week, custom made to our exact foot size. These open-toe slides have got to be our new favourite off-duty shoe. They’re so cosy and warm, and feel just like walking on clouds (how we imagine it would feel to walk on clouds at least!).

Whether you’re a regular shopper of ethically designed goods or simply love to support SA small business, we recommend you hop onto their website to browse their stuff.

There’s so many great styles for a cosy winter vibe, from slippers and toe-less slides, to long and short booties. Karmine Leather is also a cool gift idea as they offer laser engraving to personalise your product. Add a name or initials, or brand the product with your business logo.

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