Lady Petrova’s dreamy new atelier

Escape into a hidden fairy-tale wonderland located right in the bustling centre of Melbourne’s CBD at 304/37 Swanston St… You guessed it, that is the address of the lovely Lady Petrova’s brand new atelier and, let us tell you from first-hand experience, it’s one magical space.

The room is intimate and oh-so inviting, with its contents glowing brightly under shining yellow lights. Any countertop, shelving or generally flat surface in the atelier is stunningly decorated with delicate accessories, ranging from the likes of sparkling tiaras, sea-themed rings and bracelets, scented candles, crystal rocks and more. Filled from top to bottom with feminine, colourful garments made of swishing tule, dainty lace, glittering diamantes and embedded crystals, one really wouldn’t expect any less from the fabulous designer Petrova Hammond.

IMG_6929 (Large)

Tulle…. tulle everywhere.

Lady Petrova has been massive on the Australian fashion scene for a while now, particularly due to her quirky, never-seen-before design aesthetic (and that memorable fiery orange hair of hers!). Her playful personality exudes everything that her brand accomplishes; vibrant, girly, unique and inherently loving. Indeed, Lady Petrova designs are a breath of fresh air from the otherwise neutral, structured and sleek trends occurring in today’s fashion industry, with the collections boasting a daring flair that not many clothing labels can pull off so effortlessly.

Having just opened her brand new atleier on Swanston, Lady Petrova is ready to service all your fashion needs, reaching from styling advice to bridal-wear preparations. Self-professed to having tulle on the mind 24/7, you can expect Petrova to be constantly in design-mode, thinking of fresh and innovative ways to challenge the latest trends. In fact, the last few times we have hung out with the lovely lady herself, Petrova happened to  be wearing a piece that she had randomly sewn up just minutes before, designing as the “inspiration hit”… Is this seriously a common occurrence?! If it is, we are thoroughly impressed.

Dress ups with the ladies from @theadelaidian #ladypetrova

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Making her debut on popular TV show Project Runway Australia, Lady Petrova has since conjured a plethora of dedicated followers who share a love for the weird and the wonderful. Mermaids, fairies and unicorns alike all spawn the fairy-tale inspiration for Lady Petrova’s designs and her downright brilliant dreamscape of an atelier. If you love spending a lot of time dreaming of pretty things with your head up in the clouds, why not step into the Lady Petrova atelier and spend a day making your dreams a reality!

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