Launch of OzAsia Festival at Adelaide Festival Centre

Last week marked the launch and program reveal of Adelaide Festival Centre’s much loved OzAsia Festival.

Hosted by Festival Centre CEO and Artistic Director Douglas Gautier AM and OzAsia Festival Artistic Director Joseph Mitchell, we were invited to attend an exclusive preview of what to expect this year. The program is nothing short of weird, whacky and wonderful, presenting 50 different events that seek to “capture the vibrancy of contemporary Asia”, according to Mitchell.

And that it does, with quirky shows such as the world’s virtual pop opera The End bringing futuristic elements into the mix. Performed by cultural phenomenon Hatsune Miku – a ‘vocaloid singer’ – this is expected to be perhaps one of the most bizarre shows we have come across, but that’s what makes it all that more intriguing. Oh, and did we mention that Louis Vuitton did the costume design? Yes, an international, high-end fashion powerhouse has literally designed outfits for an on-screen anime character. We’re baffled yet totally mesmerised… count us in!

HOTEL is expected to be another program highlight, showcasing over 100 years of Singaporean history from the vantage point of a famous but unnamed luxury hotel. The theatre show goes for a whopping FIVE HOURS and is filled with characters from all walks of life including mutineers, nannies, film stars, bridezillas, Japanese soldiers and street workers. It’s a total mixed bag.

Of course, the Moon Lantern Festival will be back again this year, bringing together friends and family for a magical night of food, performances and family fun activities. This free event is occuring Sunday the 1st of October from 5PM to 8:30PM – be sure to schedule it in as it’s a hit every year!

To find out more about OzAsia Festival, follow the link here.


Image: Until the Lions, Adelaide Festival Centre

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