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Le Tan products are a staple in any Australian summer beauty kit, from their coconut sunscreen and tanning oil to their fake tan range. Just in time for summer, Le Tan have brought out a new Ultra Dark green-based tanning range that comes in three different applications: mousse, spray and lotion.

Le Tan must have sensed that our pasty winter-skin was becoming a tad extreme, because they sent us both the mousse and spray bottles. After prepping our skin with Frank Body’s Peppermint scrub, we road tested this new tan-in-a-can to let you know how it goes.

Kristen: Mousse
The first thing I thought when applying this is how lovely it smells, sort of like fresh chocolate cookies. This was shortly followed by slight panic, as the mousse was really dark when first applying it. I have quite pale skin and my worst nightmare is waking up with a horrible fake tan that is obviously far too dark for my natural skin!

Nevertheless I pushed on as I’d heard really good things about this tan. To avoid streaking, I would pat the mousse off the mitt around areas of my skin before blending it in. I went really slowly, making sure to buff out every section as I was worried it would end up streaky and gross. Due to this, it probably took me about half an hour to apply the tan.

The tan dried quite quickly once I was done, so I wasn’t too worried about transfer to my clothing once I got dressed. The bottle recommends leaving the tan on for one hour to three hours, depending on how dark you want it. I washed it off after about an hour and a half, and was quite surprised to find out my skin had turned a lovely, caramel colour underneath. There were no weird patches or streaks, and it wasn’t obviously darker than my natural skin tone.

The tan is supposed to develop over the next six hours, however I didn’t notice a huge amount of darkening in the colour. I was happy with that however, as I was in love with the initial colour I had when I washed it off.

Though this tan took a while to apply, I was really happy with the end result and would recommend it if you were looking for a nice, deep, mess-free tan!


Mel: Spray

The smell was extremely potent using this Le Tan spray product. I inhaled a smoky, burn caramel aroma the moment I’d started to apply, which I wasn’t sure if I liked or not. As a mousse user, not a self-spray user, I was also super hesitant to try this product, but I found it applied incredibly smoothly to my skin. I used my normal tanning mitt to even it out, and the whole process was surprisingly easier than I thought.

Leaving the tan on to settle, I found the potency of the smell died down immensely and, with the faintest hint of burnt caramel still resonating on my skin, I realised it was actually a smell I really liked – probably the nicest smelling tan I’ve actually tried!

Just like the mousse, the spray dried quickly. I was pretty much able to do whatever I wanted within minutes of applying without worrying about ruining the tan. I applied it very lightly using one coat, so I got this kind of faint golden glow which was actually quite nice for a subtle change.

You can find the new Le Tan Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse and Spray at Pricelines all around Australia!

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