Our new looks by Alkazar Salonneries

Alkazar Salonneries is located 86A Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside. To book an appointment, call (08) 8272 5103.

Earlier this year, boutique hair salon Alkazar Salonneries opened its doors to Glen Osmond Road in a convenient location just minutes outside of the city. A clean, modern aesthetic equips the slick interior and friendly staff fill the salon with a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

The ever so lovely team at Alkazar Salonneries contacted us with an offer to beautify us for this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival, and we were nothing but ready for a drastic change. Having not had any significant changes in colour to our hair like, ever, the idea of changing our somewhat iconic hairstyles was truly intimidating for us.


Inside Alkazar Salonneries

Inside Alkazar Salonneries

The hairdressers at Alkazar Salonneries made us feel super comfortable with the amount of knowledge they were able to share. Our hairdresser Nadine broke down the process for us, and informed us that we would unlikely achieve the silver hair look we wanted in just one go. We let Nadine take control of the situation on deciding what would suit us best, knowing we had been left in good hands!


Mel's dramatic ashy blonde do

Mel’s dramatic ashy blonde do

Mel: I was truly shocked when Nadine finished taking out my foils and blow-drying my new do. Four hours later and I was a brand new, sparkling version of myself occupying an ashy-blonde faded roots hairstyle; I wasn’t sure whether to smile or cry. Having never ever dyed my hair before, I was naturally scared about the change, but after just a few hours I realised just how much I loved my new look. I received nothing but compliments and the colour turned out quite natural looking. Great success!

Kristen's new light curls

Kristen’s new light curls

Kristen: I knew that I wouldn’t be able to achieve grey on my first go, so Nadine offered to start the seven-month bleaching process during this appointment. I have never gone lighter before, so I was a little shocked when I first saw my hair, but I can’t wait to go blonder now! I’ve always had dark, straight hair so I’m loving the new change, just in time for summer.

A huge thank you goes out to Andreanna and Nadine from Alkazar Salonneries for the opportunity! Alkazar Salonneries is located 86A Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside; to book an appointment, call (08) 8272 5103.

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