Love Challenge? Love Bounce’s X-Park

A combination between daytime TV series Wipeout and Ninja Warrior is what immediately came to mind when we were invited to try out Bounce’s new X-Park obstacle course.

Many of you would’ve visited Bounce in the past, whether it was to jump around on the miscellaneous trampoline stations, take your children to a high-energy birthday party or play zero-gravity (sort of) basketball, but you’ve never seen Bounce like this.


Eleven sections make up this strenuous obstacle course that’s definitely not for the light-hearted. Starting at an extreme parkour track, you’re required to make your way through challenges of every description, from rock climbing, to zip lining, to extreme hurdles.

Being lovers of Marvel, the Matrix, James Bond and many other action movies, we thought we were pretty well-equipped to handle this course. We were not, which was evident as we slowly clamoured over and under the parkour section, used a rope to climb up the scaling wall and only one of us made it through the rock-climbing, but we still had fun pretending.


If you also want to pretend you’re a superhero, or simply want to bounce in a corner while watching other super beings smash the course, Bounce’s X-Park is open seven days a week at 164-168 Richmond Road, Marleston.

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