Maximum fun, minimal guilt with Twenty Third St Distillery

twenty-third st distillery gin and tonic

When trying to lose weight, alcohol can often be the thing that throws people off-track. You’re so good Monday to Friday, but the second you knock off work and start throwing back a couple of drinks, your diet goes well out the window. Fortunately, there are more and more calorie-conscious options popping up these days, like Twenty Third St Distillery‘s new gin and tonic cans.

Using Twenty Third St Distillery’s award-winning Signature Gin mixed with tonic, it’s a delicious blend of Riverland citrus, classic bitterness and a hint of sweetness in a can. Despite being one tasty beverage, there’s no added sugar, and contains only 87 calories. That means you can have maximum fun on the weekends with minimal guilt when sipping on Twenty Third St Distillery’s new offering.

twenty-third st distillery gin and tonic

Even though we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, we can’t help but take into consideration the packaging when selecting our drinks. These G&T cans would definitely be something that jump out at us though, featuring a fun leaf print designed by local South Australian artist Claire Ishino.

If you’re keen to try Twenty Third St Distillery’s new gin and tonic cans, you can visit their distillery in Renmark, SA, check out their stockists or purchase them online via Sippify. They’re currently available in 300mL cans in packs of four or six with an ABV of 5.5%.

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