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Vok Beverages has announced new alcoholic drink brand Lemon Ed as the Official Match Day Sponsor of the 2015 Liverpool Football Club Australian Tour.

Marketing Manager of Vok Beverages, Chris Illman, says being associated with a club as prestigious as Liverpool FC is a true honour.

“…we are extremely excited to be part of such an amazing, international event that will unite football lovers from not only around the nation, but around the globe.”

Lemon Ed

Lemon Ed

Soccer-goers will have the chance to enjoy a bottle or five of Lemon Ed on July 17 at Suncorp Stadium where the Liverpool FC will be taking on Brisbane Roar and July 20 where the team will also verse Adelaide United at Adelaide Oval.

“This match is not only exciting for football fans, but is fantastic for the economic growth of Queensland and South Australia,” says Mr. Illman.

“Both games are sold out… (this) will be a great opportunity for consumers to try our product.”

“To celebrate the partnership, Lemon Ed is working with key retailers to offer a number of exclusive Liverpool FC competitions which include a once in a lifetime chance to meet a Liverpool Legend,” says Mr. Illman.

With the official launch held in October 2014, event-goers this week at The Republic received an inside look into the world of Lemon Ed, along with meeting the multi-talented Jack Littman, who portrays the ‘face’ of Ed along with the rascal-esque personality of the product.

Chris Illman making his speech

Chris Illman making his speech

The beverage is described as a brewed, hard lemonade ‘for grown-ups’ that is refreshing, ‘easy to drink and tough to boot,’ – not to mention launching as the only brewed lemonade in the country.

“Lemon Ed is definitely one of a kind; it’s not a cider, nor a beer, but a thirst quenching lemon squash with an alcoholic kick,” says Mr. Illman.

The product is also 100% Australian made from materials made within Australia by an independently owned company.

“Our lemon juice comes from Queensland… we take it down to our Step Road Winery in Langhorne Creek, we ferment the product down there and then we bottle it at Salisbury.”

The team behind Lemon Ed

Some of the team behind Lemon Ed

As for the taste of the bottle of goodness, you can expect a sweet, yet light finish, with delicate hints of lemon of course, which leaves a refreshing aftertaste on the palate.

Those who do not enjoy the taste of lemon will be pleasantly surprised after taking a sip of this thirst-quencher.

The texture is smooth, the flavour subtle and the lemon juice is not in any way overpowering, creating the perfect balance and a drink suitable for both men and women.

Ed’s Punch

Lemon Ed also make a fantastic cocktail labelled ‘Ed’s Punch’. The sweet concoction contains Lemon Ed, vanilla, cucumber and ginger and is a perfect refreshment suitable for a day in the sun or an evening drink (a.k.a. anytime, anywhere).

The beverage is stocked in hotels and bars nationwide, however on a local scale you can grab your own bottle of Ed in SA’s Havelock Hotel, The Republic, Buckingham Arms Hotel, Holdfast Hotel and many more taverns around the state.

Check out Lemon Ed’s website for more info on where you can score a refreshing bottle of the hard lemonade brew.


Photo Credit: Girl About Town

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