The Birds have landed

The Birds. Image credit: Jodie Hutchinson
The Birds. Image credit: Jodie Hutchinson

What better way to end the working week than by gathering yourself a flock of friends and flying into Adelaide’s exclusive world premiere of the The Birds, brought to you by cabaret and theatre provocateurs Finucane & Smith.

Starring co-creator herself Moira Finucane, the strange yet incredibly enticing assortment allows you to touch on all your emotions with acts that smoothly segue from one to another; which consequently made it tough for me to take my eyes off the stage within the one-hour-and-twenty-minute duration.

Walking into a moody venue filled with candle lit tables and a stage where floating burlesque figures await you, you may think you know what you’re about to expect. But, you’ll soon see where modern meets olden day style and comedy weaves itself through the melancholy.

One minute you’ll feel enwrapped in a blindfolded aerobatics performance or in awe of melodies evocative of a 1920s love song and the next you could be cheering in the spirit of girl power at some badass dance moves that will legit make you want to take up twerking classes.

The entertainment is nonstop through one performance followed by the other with acts sprouting from all over the place – literally, you could be sitting in your seat admiring the act that was, before a Hollywood glamour-esque figure breaks out into song from behind you, caressing you with her feathered fan (gulp).

Each and every act spread their wings, unfolding their unique talent and individual aesthetic during the show, giving you a taste of everything cabaret from the dark and erotic to the uplifting and humourous.

See it for yourself at The Adelaide Cabaret Festival Saturday the 25th of June.

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