Mississippi Moon

Tucked away in a narrow alleyway just off Hindley Street and nestled beside neighbouring small bars Bibliotecha Bar and Book Exchange and La Buvette Drinkery opens the new southwest American inspired bar Mississippi Moon.

Officially launching last Wednesday, guests were invited to sample some of Mississippi Moon’s crafty cocktails alongisde a selection of tap and bottled beers, all whilst nibbling on some spicy beef jerky and crunchy fried chicken.

Stepping inside, the narrow yet cozy interior is characterised by funky wallpaper and a brick wall mural reaching from floor-to-ceiling and painting a suavely dressed alligator playing a banjo under the moonlight. A set of swinging, white saloon doors compliment the entrance to the bathrooms. While soul and jazz blues plays in the background, the bar space and its contents are lit up gloriously by coloured backlighting and guests mingle under the dim inside lighting of the Mississippi Moon.

Speaking of the bar, its range of beer and cider extends to three tap options and thirteen bottled, covering the likes of ginger beer, IPA, pale ale and larger. The ‘hard stuff’ menu plays host to four specially hand-crafted cocktails which are most dangerously delicious.

We first sampled the Huckleberry Gin cocktail consisting of Hayman’s Sloe Gin, Amaro Montenegro, strawberries, blueberries and grapefruit juice. What could’ve passed as a strawberry smoothie minus the dairy and plus the liquor, the Huckleberry Gin was a sure fire drinkable favourite and an easy seller.

IMG_4067 (Large)

Huckleberry Gin

Trying the Mint Julep next, this one would likely be a more difficult sell, comprising of largely bourbon mixed with sugar syrup and garnished with mint (and a whole lot of crushed ice). With such a strong alcoholic content, this cocktail is best left to water down in ice, and maybe then you’ll feel a little less alcoholic whilst drinking your mostly straight bourbon whiskey. The mint julep is, in fact, highly associated with the Southern states of the US and a very suited candidate for the theme of Mississippi Moon.

IMG_4066 (Large)

Mint Julep

We went in for our third, starting to feel the real alcohol hit of the julep as we taste-tested the Full Moon which included Ole Smokey Apple Pie Moonshine, Cointreau, lime and egg white for texture. Moonshine is a particular interesting addition to this cocktail as there aren’t many places out there where you can find this type of alcohol. In fact, these kinds of high-proof distilled spirits are often produced illicitly and are constricted considerably under laws in the United States. Clearly, just like anything and everything, if used legally and offered in moderation, moonshine makes for a hell of a kick in a drink or cocktail, which just goes to prove itself in the heavenly more-ish Full Moon.

IMG_4063 (Large)

Full Moon

Last but not least, we tried the ever so wonderful Bacon-infused Bourbon Old Fashioned. Naturally, as bacon fiends, we were super excited by the crispy bacon garnish placed eloquently on the top of our beverage. We munched it down ferociously before taking our first sip of this quirky twist on the age old classic Old Fashioned. While there wasn’t much of a bacon flavour permeating the palate, I’d probably say that’s more of a good thing than a bad, because my tastebuds would likely have just gotten confused and upset it wasn’t the real thing.

IMG_4079 (Large)

Bacon-infused Old Fashioned

Owner Michael West sorted through a range of different names and concept possibilities before he settled on the name Mississippi Moon, derived from the lyrics of a song by modern American musician and poet Ryan Adams. The concept was further inspired by his own travels through Central America with his brother, coming up with a fantastic southwest haven on Adelaide’s own Gresham Street.

It’s certainly safe to say Gresham Street is making a name for itself now, joining the likes of neighbours Peel Street, Leigh Street and Bank Street as the go-to destinations for a drink and a nibble. Thanks to Mississippi Moon and its fellow street companions, we’re seeing an even larger growth happening for the small bar culture, not only in Gresham, but for Adelaide’s West End in general. We’re downright loving this booming bar scene!

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