Movie Review: Rough Night

Rough night is the ultimate chick flick of 2017.
Rough night is the ultimate chick flick of 2017.

Wednesday night’s preview screening of Rough Night attracted quite the crowd at Marion’s Event Cinemas.

Ladies of all ages (together with a modest number of men) gathered in the foyer thematically decked out in pink, awaiting the 6:30pm exclusive viewing of this year’s ultimate film for females.

An unmissable pink carpet led us into the movie theatre, where guests were having the times of their lives posing with two shirtless men and a few novelty sashes, all inspired by the film.

Each of us was given popcorn and a drink of choice to accompany, as alcoholic beverages started flying off the table and making their way into cupholders.

Before the movie started screening, we were greeted by Mix 102.3’s morning radio cohost, Jodie Oddy who welcomed us to the ‘girls night out’ screening and announced two lucky winners of Sony Pictures’ prizes.

Sipping away on our Moscatos, the lights turn off and the film opens with the year 2006, introducing the main characters as they play beer pong at a college Halloween party.

Then, fast-forward a decade and bride-to-be protagonist Jess is heading to Miami for a Bachelorette weekend with that same girl gang and her Australian friend, ‘Pippa’ (who humorously comes prepared with a jar of Vegemite and a thick Aussie accent to match).

The drug and alcohol fueled celebrations take a wrong turn when a young man, mistakenly assumed to be the male stripper, is accidentally killed by the bachelorettes.

You’ll soon find yourself laughing aloud and uncontrollably so, at the dark humour of the girls’ ambitious attempts to get rid of the dead body, which at the same time, sees their friendships being put to the test.

What could best be described as the women’s antidote to The Hangover, the film is sort of like a cooler, less censored and more modern version of Bridesmaids.

Because of its bizarre, uninhibited and comedic nature, this movie is easily the best chick flick to come out of 2017 yet, and an absolute must see if you’re after one of those feel-good type movies.



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