Splendour in the Grass 2017 Picks

If you’re one of the lucky ones heading off to Byron Bay in a few weeks’ time for Splendour in The Grass, there’s a fair chance that the enviable line up is almost too good to process! Splendour is an adventure in itself, whether that be as a road trip with friends or a cheeky plane trip to start the journey, that never fails to deliver on quality musical acts and 2017 is no different.

The offerings at SITG are enough to make most search relentlessly for a spare ticket online or live out the weekend vicariously through the many Instagram posts that will grace one’s feed. It’s an unrivalled Australian festival that’s highly sought after across the nation and the cause of much envy and lust if you’re stuck with a little bit of FOMO only a few days out. While it might be the middle of winter, there’s a little bit of summer spirit at every SITG, from the clothing choices to the tunes performed on stage.

Since many of us will unfortunately be pining from home, relying on Triple J livestreams, we’ve picked our favourite acts from the 2017 lineup for you to check out if you’re attending or listening from home.

1. Banks

How could you not have Banks on your favourites list?
Our Top Track: Gemini Feed

2. Royal Blood

The Brit Award winners are back again in 2017 and are definitely not one to miss
Our Top Track: Ten Tonne Skeleton

3. Super Cruel

The new Australian line up are fresh to the music scene and are already generating a buzz around their tracks.
Our Top Track: November

4. Catfish and The Bottlemen

These Brits know how to please a crowd of onlookers and definitely bring a unique sound to the stage each time.
Our Top Track: Homesick

5. Client Liason

Tom Tilley is their go-to bass player, need we say more?
Out Top Track: World of our Love


Images (in order): Hernameisbanks, Royal BloodSuper Cruel FB, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Client Liason.

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