Promise and Promiscuity Gives Us Fun and Frivolity at Ad Cab Fest

Polished, witty, and energetic, Penny Ashton’s Promise and Promiscuity is a delightful mash-up of Jane Austen’s novels. The show features lashings of pop culture and a whole lot of sexual innuendos and will have its final Adelaide show on June 18th. We simply cannot recommend it enough.

Whether you’re an Austen fan or not, this extraordinary one-woman cabaret will have you roaring with laughter. Penny Ashton brilliantly ties in everything from Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian to Wilbur Smith and Billy Joel. The performance is exceptionally creative and innovative, but the real champion is Ashton’s sparkling wit.

Ashton’s story takes us through the tales of Miss Elspeth and her sisters as they navigate enormous balls and flash their ankles (how shocking!) at potential suitors. Ashton’s Austen-inspired characters are well defined and easily distinguishable from one another, thanks to the leading lady’s ability to flip between vocal tones and physical characterisations.

Promise and Promiscuity is, above all, a lot of fun. There are endless jokes, weird and wonderful characters, flailing dance moves, and audience participation. Expect a boisterous dive into 18th-century etiquette filled with bookish vocabulary and sex jokes. Somehow, it all works together seamlessly and hilariously.

The clever cabaret snips exact quotations from Austen’s novels and will no doubt inspire déjà vu in Austen’s fans. Ashton wrote the script herself and uses original music composed by Robbie Ellis. Overall, we believe the award-winning performance is utterly impressive and truly delightful.

Promise and Promiscuity will show at Artspace on June 18th as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival before moving on to show in Canada. Don’t miss out on tickets!


Image: Adelaide Cabaret Festival

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