Shady business: 6 sunglass trends to keep an eye on

Vision Direct Gucci GG0471S 003 Sunglasses

Living in Australia, we’re lucky enough to have sunshine pretty much all year ’round (except if you’re from Victoria maybe – sorry Melbournians). That means chilly winter days still call for sunscreen and sunglasses if you want to keep your skin looking fresh and your eyes safe from sun damage. Sunglasses are way more to us than just a practical way to protect our eyes though – they’re an essential final step in our outfits, the perfect finishing touch for any look. We’ve partnered with Vision Direct to show you some of our fave sunglass trends to come out of 2021, including a few pairs we’ve styled ourselves.

Vision Direct Dita Starspann Sunglasses
Vision Direct Dita Starspann Sunglasses
Vision Direct Dita Starspann Sunglasses

Layered frames

We’ve been seeing layered frames everywhere for the last few months, and we love to see it. The detail of a metal or coloured outer frame sitting adjacent to the lens creates a contemporary look, plus the cat-eye shape of the Dita Starspann Mel is wearing is super flattering to a variety of face shapes. This pair in particular are sold out, but we found a similar Bvlgari pair here.

Vision Direct Gucci GG0471S 003 Sunglasses
Vision Direct Gucci GG0471S 003 Sunglasses
Vision Direct Gucci GG0471S 003 Sunglasses

Square 70s sunnies

The 70s is back baby, and we couldn’t be happier! Funky prints, wide legs and knitted pants, skirts, crops, vests and literally everything else you can wear have been taking over our online shopping carts. And what do you need to complete the perfect 70s ‘fit? A giant pair of square sunglasses, of course. These oversized Gucci sunnies fit the bill perfectly, especially when paired when a green knit vest and some wide leg blue denim jeans.

Vision Direct Balenciaga BB0093S 001

Slogan lenses

How futuristic are these slogan lenses from Balenciaga?! We’ve also seen a few pairs floating around from Gucci as well, but we loved the Matrix-meets-Milan-Fashion-Week vibes of this pair. Needless to say you can’t see the writing when wearing the lenses due to some design wizardry, making them perfect for wearing all day, from the festival to the techno rave.

Vision Direct Jimmy Choo Sonny/S 9F6/2S

Glasses chains

Once just a practical tool used by elderly people so they didn’t lose their glasses all the time, the simple glasses chain has risen from its humble beginnings to be a key fashion accessory. This Jimmy Choo pair come with their own matching ‘Choo’ chain, so you don’t even need to buy one separately.

Vision Direct Balenciaga BB0087SK

Tonal lenses and frames

There is no in-between for us – one minute we’re all black and moody, the next we’re a rainbow of colour. For those days we feel like injecting a little more colour into our lives, we’ve been loving pastel tonal sunglasses. These lilac baddies from Balenciaga are the perfect pair, combining the trending 70s square frame with a beautiful matching lens and frame. Bonus: they’re also available with a slogan lens if you want to nab bonus sartorial points.

Vision Direct Gucci GG0978S 001

Sunglasses charms

We’d never seen sunglasses charms until we’d seen this gorg Gucci pair, and now we’re obsessed. They’re so much fun, they’re like the 2021 version of earrings. Gucci have a whole range of sunnies with charms in different shapes, sizes and colours, but we love this classic cat-eye version for a little bit of vintage glamour.

As well as the styles above, Vision Direct sell hundreds of other chic sunglasses brands, from luxury designers to exclusive launches, sustainable frames to budget-friendly options. They also contribute a portion of their profits to social causes like World Vision, 1% For The Planet and WWF Conservation. You can check them out online and use their virtual try-on service to shop for sunnies from the comfort of your home.

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