Muscle Nation’s new sustainable activewear has us squatting for days

There’s nothing quite like slipping into a stylish activewear set to really motivate your workout session. Who else agrees? Show of hands, please! Seriously, a sleek set can boost your mood and confidence in a heartbeat, getting you ready to squat for days and days. That’s exactly how Muscle Nation‘s new range has us feeling.

But there’s something extra special about it… not only are the pieces super soft feel and trendy AF, but they also happen to be sustainable. That’s right, activewear for the environmentally concious — does it get any better than that?

Inspired and created in conjunction with former WBFF world champion Hattie Boydle, the Hattie Boyle X Muscle Nation line (HBXMN) is the first sustainable range launched by the Aussie brand. Exciting stuff.

It has been created from a minimum of 75% recycled polyester. This polyester fabric is made of consumer waste and recyclable materials such as plastic bottles. The waste is collected, sorted by colour, then melted down and formed into chips which are used by the spinning mills. So, you’re essentially wearing recycled plastic bottles. That’s pretty damn cool, right?

When we received our gifted package, we were actually so surprised at how soft the fabrication really was. We’re not really sure why, but we didn’t really think recycled fabric could feel this luxurious at all! The bike shorts and leggings really have quite a high end feel to them. It was love at first touch.

While we picked out a fun pair of floral leggings, some khaki bike shorts, and the mesh crop top, there are also a number of sexy bralettes available. The selection has been designed to be worn interchangeably, so you can style your fun floral prints with your trending khaki hues and neat neon orange.

We have a little photo diary below showcasing the items we picked, however, if you want to suss the full range, be sure to head to the Muscle Nation website here.

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