My experience with cosmetic injectables at Le Blanc Cosmetics

Le Blanc Cosmetics Sydney

Your girl isn’t getting any younger, so she thought it was about time she tried some preventative botox. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of preventative botox, it’s when you inject botox into the muscle before it begins to wrinkle (or when it’s only just started to wrinkle) to freeze the muscle before the deep lines and creases start, essentially slowing the formation of them down. I was lucky enough to be invited into Le Blanc Cosmetics to learn all about their procedures and try some out for myself, so I jumped on the opportunity.

Le Blanc Cosmetics is a luxury boutique skin clinic in North Sydney that prides itself on not just offering a beautiful experience, but educating its clients on the treatments they’re curious about. This is what really made Le Blanc stand out to me, as I had a few questions about procedures that I was keen to shed some light on.

Le Blanc Cosmetics Sydney
Le Blanc Cosmetics Sydney

When I arrived at the clinic, I was impressed by how stylish it was. Bright white, with chic furniture, fluffy carpets and big mirrors everywhere, the aesthetics of the space helped to put me at ease. My first stop was to a private room where I asked one of the clinicians all my questions and we figured out what would be the best treatments to achieve the results I was after.

As I have a front fringe, the clinician informed me that I really didn’t have much movement on my forehead or between my brows (the most common places people get botox), so I wouldn’t need to worry about treating those areas. The third place most people get botox is around the crow’s feet area, which we decided would be best for me. As well as botox, I was going to get about 0.5mL of filler in my lips, just to top up the filler that was already there as it was injected over 18 months ago.

Once we’d decided what we were doing that day, it was time to get the numbing cream on! Le Blanc leaves the numbing cream on for a full 30 minutes (sometimes even 45) to ensure the area is totally numb before treating it. During this period you get to relax in a private room. Then, it’s time for the treatment!

Le Blanc Cosmetics Sydney

The nurse was super fast but super precise, which I appreciated as lip filler still does sting a bit, even with the numbing cream. The botox was last and honestly didn’t even hurt at all, it was just a couple of tiny pinches and that was it. I also really appreciated how the nurse did three little injections on each side and said she didn’t think I needed any more, which is great for me as I don’t want to do too much before I really need it.

As well as injectables, Le Blanc cosmetics also offer a range of body contouring and facial treatments. I honestly couldn’t recommend them highly enough if you’re interested in learning about some of the options available to you, I definitely left feeling much more informed about not just the treatments I had done, but others I was curious about too.

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