National Graduates Showcase

Fashion students are not afraid of diversity. At this year’s Nation Graduates Showcase, textiles, techniques and colour were all experimented with in unique and interesting ways.

The runway showcases the best graduates from top fashion schools around the country, with VAMFF providing the perfect platform for them to broadcast their skills to the world.

The show was opened by Zhuxuan Aimee Ne who presented a voluptuous collection in fiery colours of yellow and orange. These garments were a display of pure craftsmanship and creativity, like nothing we had seen before.

South Australia’s own Stephanie Henly (now an RMIT student) experimented with royal red, black and white materials that dramatically flowed and draped over the models as they walked.

Another favourite was Sarah Hope Schofield, who used bold structure, vibrant pinks and cute hats to grab the audience’s attention.

So impressed were the audience by the spectacular display of talent, the students received a standing ovation during the finale.

The graduates with their designs

The graduates with their designs

The full list of students to showcase were:

Zhuxuan He (UTS)
Natalie Vladimiroff (UTS)
Tony Lee (UTS
Rochelle Bramich (Whitehouse)
Meredith Bullen (UTS)
Nehma Vitols (UTS)
Victoria Bliss (RMIT)
Tania Jimenez (UTS)
Tara Miranne Bailey (UTS)
Stephanie Henly (RMIT)
William Thi (RMIT)
Sarah Hope Schofield (RMIT)

Images: Lucas Dawson

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