New Breakfast Menu At The Taxpayer

Popular Victoria Square bar/cafe The Taxpayer has recently launched a new breakfast menu, and boy is it good. Offering everything from healthy vego options to the perfect hangover cure, make sure to check this food joint out next time you want some brekkie. Not only do these guys offer great food, but they do amazing coffee too, making it the only stop you need in the morning.


Above you will see their breakfast menu. Far from just offering simple bacon and eggs, these guys have taken the traditional breakfast ingredients and put their own personal spin on them.


This delectable beast above was the brioche roll with crisp pancetta, fried egg and tomato relish. Just for good measure, a hash brown was added on the side as an extra. This breakfast item was seriously tasty, packed full of flavour but not overpowering or too rich for the early hours of the day. The pancetta added the perfect amount of salty crunch to combat the softness of the egg and the brioche, and the tomato relish added some moisture and sweetest. Obviously the hash brown was amazing, because it’s not possible for a hash brown to be otherwise. It’s a hash brown.


The lovely Alana from This Is Radelaide had this vegetarian option above, which consisted of toasted panini, salsa, guacamole and poached egg. This was one of the healthier options from the menu, and a much lighter one for those who don’t want to start the day weighed down by food. This would be perfect on a warm summer morning paired with one of the Taxpayer’s amazing smoothies.

IMG_4748This beast here is the Breakfast Burger. As far as breakfasts go this burger is pretty monstrous, and isn’t for the light hearted. However, if you enjoy layers of beef patty, bacon, hash brown, fried egg, roasted mushroom and tomato relish all embraced by a brioche bun (who wouldn’t), then this creation is for you. I’ve yet to meet another burger so perfect for a hangover, and if any of you guys out there know of one do email us so we can try it. Not a single crumb was left on the plate of this beauty, as it would be disrespectful to send any morsel back to the kitchen.

As mentioned before, the coffee here is divine. As we were breakfasting, a delivery of freshly roasted coffee beans made its way through the door, and we were treated to a little lesson on the specifications of the beans used at The Taxpayer. 60% of the beans are grown in Columbia and the remaining 40% are grown in India. The beans live a more exotic life than most of us, growing in a high altitude area 1600m above sea level in a  shady area. They’re then shipped The Taxpayer where they roast them in a little factory in Adelaide, not for too long otherwise they become too bitter, and not too little otherwise they become acidic. What we result in is perfect beans with coco and malt chocolate layers and a lemony acidity.

As well as wonderful coffee and breakfast, The Taxpayer is also open for lunch weekdays, dinner Friday and Saturday, and they have a kitsch little bar well stocked with top shelf liquor.

You can find The Taxpayer at 193 Victoria Square. Alternatively, you can visit their website here.


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