Nexba is going to be your new fave, artificial-free Aussie drinks brand

nexba soft drinks

If you’ve been on the search for tasty and refreshing drinks without all the sugar or not-so-great artificial sweeteners, Nexba is the drinks brand for you. Boasting a wide range of beverages to cater to all tastes and proudly Australian-owned and made, Nexba are hitting the UK market with a bang in 2020.

Currently, two of their sparkling waters have just landed on the shelf at Sainsbury’s, but there’s much more to this drinks brand than that. The range spans kombucha, kefir, sodas, tonic water and probiotic water, with everything being sugar-free, artificial-free, vegan and gluten-free. We were invited in to try the range at Redemption in Shoreditch over vegan brunch, and we have to say, we were incredibly impressed.

nexba soft drinks

The unique formula means that there’s none of that weird aftertaste you get with some sugar-free drinks. It’s just pure flavourtown. One of our favourites that we tried was the coconut and mango sparkling water, which tasted like a tropical island in a drink and would be perfect as a refreshing beverage to sip on while at the beach.

Another standout for us was the kombucha range, for the flavours but also the research behind it. Something we learned was that most kombuchas you find on the shelf have live bacteria in them that die before they get to your stomach, meaning it’s not really helping with your gut health at all. Nexba has developed a special bacteria that spawns when it reaches the warmth of your stomach, ensuring you’re getting all the benefits promised. The flavours are really fun too, with combos like cinnamon and lime, elderflower and lemon and rose lemonade available to purchase.

redemption bar shoreditch

While the Nexba range is tasty on its own, we also think it pairs amazingly with alcohol. Anyone up for a watermelon, cucumber and mint sparkling water stirred down with gin over ice? The best thing about using the Nexba range as a mixer is that you’ll avoid the awful sugar high and inevitable crash you usually get when mixing with soft drinks, which can also help reduce a hangover the next day.

As well as Sainsbury’s in the UK, you can purchase Nexba drinks on their website, online at Coles and Woolworths, and instore at IGA, 7Eleven and other places around Australia.

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