#ownthemorning with Almond Breeze

Early this morning, as in early enough the birds were singing and we watched the sun rise sober for the first time in forever, we headed out to Almond Breeze’s #ownthemorning breakfast at East Terrace Continental.

Held in the upstairs function room overlooking the picturesque parklands, two long tables awaited us laden with three types of Almond Breeze milk: Original, Unsweetened and Barista Blend.

Upon arrival, we were kindly invited to relax into a hot cup of coffee that had been created with Almond Breeze’s Barista’s Blend (a much needed wake-me-up for majority of the patrons!).

Almond Breeze at East Terrace Continental

The event mostly promoted a sense of healthy living and eating, with guest speaker Phoebe Conway of popular local food blog Pheebs Foods giving us the lowdown on her daily exercise routine and smart healthy eating tips.

Having worked with Almond Breezes on many occasions, Phoebe was the perfect advocate for the brand and had prepared some delightful dishes for the morning using Almond Breeze’s delicious milk.

The breakfast included an array of tasty, low-fat items that are easy to prepare at home, consisting of museli and yoghurt in jars, fruit platters, healthy pancakes with caramel sauce and Phoebe’s very own signature breakfast bars.

Almond Breeze at East Terrace Continental

Almond Breeze at East Terrace Continental

Phoebe showed us just how easy it is to keep a healthy diet and also just how well almond milk substitutes for normal dairy milk in any circumstance – we certainly left buzzing with some home-cooking ideas!

The morning was inspiring to say the least and definitely sent out right kind of vibes, getting us motivated to get our day going. Granted, we may have spent the rest of our day shopping in the mall, but all that walking around and carrying heavy shopping bags surely counts as exercise, right?

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