Plan B Works Serves Up Mac and Cheese Dogs

Want to know where in Sydney you can get a hot dog loaded with mac and cheese?! Allow us to introduce you to Plan B Works, one of Sydney’s trendiest burger chains serving up a seriously drool-worthy menu.

Plan B Works, though? Sure, it’s a quirky name, but it makes sense when you get to the bottom of the concept. And no, it has nothing to do with unplanned pregnancy. Unless it’s the pregnancy of an all-consuming food baby.

Alongside a mouthwatering menu of naughty fried goods, Plan B offers a funky bar for party-goers. Here, you can order cocktails, wine and beer, as well as American Sodas for the non-alcohol drinkers. For those looking to really get the party started, there’s a selection of shooters to choose from. Think your late night go-to’s such as Skittle Bombs and Jam Doughnuts, as well as a creamy Snickers or zesty Kamikaze shooter.


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In essence, Plan B Works is a place to go “when the first idea doesn’t pan out“; so, no matter if you’re coming here to eat or to party, you’ll be met with a good time.

The night before visiting the Crows Nest location ourseves, we had Mel’s housewarming, so it’s safe to say we were, well, a little partied-out. The both of us had only one thing in mind upon arrival… GOOEY CHEESY FRIED FOODS. As any hungover soul would, really. So we came strictly for the food and, boy, were we met with a good time.

Catapulting us into greasy heaven, the menu was a treat for the eyes from the get-go. It flaunted classic picks such as cheeseburgers and buffalo sauce wings, as well as groovy sides such as waffle fries and jalapeno poppers. We were over the moon to also see that all the dishes were also super customisable. This meant if you wanted more than one patty, you could. Or if you wanted extra bacon bits, you could. Perhaps if you wanted triple cheese (guilty), you could also do that. There’s truly nothing we love more than a versatile menu!

Ready for a night of feasting like gods, we chose the Potato Gems, the Mac and Cheese, the Mozzarella Sticks, and the Wings in Buffalo and Blue Cheese Sauce as sides. For mains, Mel picked the Ultimate Double Cheese Burger, while Kristen opted for the holy grail that is the Mac and Cheese Dog. You might say it was excessive, we say it was necessary (given our fragile states).

Out of the sides, the Potato Gems were our prizewinning pick due to their satisfying texture and cheesy goodness. They came topped with mouthwatering gravy, bacon bits and cheese sauce, of course. The Buffalo Wings were a close runner up courteous of their zesty and generous coating! We also enjoyed the extra side of blue cheese dipping sauce the kitchen so kindly granted us.

The Ultimate Double Cheese Burger came with double Angus beef, triple American cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup mustard and bacon as an extra, all smushed between a fresh Plan B bun. It was to die for. You could tell the beef patties were of excellent quality and they were also the perfect size — not too big, not too small. Also, who doesn’t love triple cheese? Massive bonus points for the cheesy generosity, here.

Finally, we devoured the heavenly and almighty Mac and Cheese Dog. This crowd-pleaser comprised of two main components (which we think you may have already guessed): a nice, juicy American frankfurter loaded with mac and cheese. It was also sprinkled with bacon bits and shallots, smeared with spicy BBQ sauce, and served with fries on the side. Indulgent to the max.

Well guys, we’ve had mac and cheese in a burger patty, now we’ve had it atop a hot dog. Is there any dish mac and cheese can’t instantly make greater? We think not. And it’s worth noting that, as a rather massive portion, you could split the Mac and Cheese Dog in half to share between two if you wanted to.

So, how about it then? Go on. Get a group of mates together and get gorging, a feast fit for a king awaits you. Follow the link here to read the full menu or book a table.

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