Quench Your Thirst with Pure Press Juices

Along with summer coming up, we can expect an increasing demand for refreshing, cold juices on the run, and Adelaide’s newest nutritious juice company, Pure Press Juice, is here to help a brother out.

Pure Press uses a unique process of juicing, differing from a lot of other juicing businesses out there. Through a cold hydraulic press, Pure Press extracts nectar whilst the cold high-pressure system seeks to eliminate pathogens.

This method ensures a larger amount of essential nutrients are preserved per serving compared to other methods, also helping to maintain that fresh flavour for a smooth, pleasurable and healthy choice of beverage. They never use heat to pasteurise the juice as this kind of process can actually kill off some of those essential phytonutrients and enzymes contained in any fruit or vegetable.

Pure Press choose the finest certified local organic ingredients for each one of their juices, producing a product that is free of additives and preservatives and one that holds the highest nutritional value of each ingredient.

In fact, many of the nutrients found in a Pure Press cold-pressed juice have been associated with improving the immune system and increasing cellular regeneration!

There are a total of eleven different types of Pure Press juices stocked currently, with the addition of two new spring flavours to the menu.  The range includes cleansing greens and nut milk based juices, all of which do great things to the body (and are the perfect re-vitalising hangover remedy!).

Pure Press not only make great, nourishing products, but they have also developed a cleanse program using their restorative juices which you can find here.

If you’re looking to start leading a healthier life, this program will guide you on how to break dependencies on unhealthy foods, excess caffeine and alcohol. The programs are offered in two levels – Balance and Purify – and are available in 1, 3 or 5 day programs, giving you a kick start into your long-term health journey.

You can find Pure Press juices in selected cafes around Adelaide or, alternatively, buy online at http://purepressjuice.com.au/!


Image credit: Pure Press Instagram

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