Raw-Some treats from Pana Chocolate at Nutrition Republic

Nutrition Republic has been the go-to organic coffee and healthy food hangout for the active-wear clad crowd of Adelaide since opening their doors in 2013.

The popular Goodwood café is known for serving a variety of whole foods including nutritious smoothies, vegan savoury slices and raw cakes.


Their recent partnership with Pana Chocolate will see a range of desserts made available helping customers to indulge minus the guilt. The sweet treats on offer will vary and include the slices which made their way around the launch event, along with the speciality chocolates.

Pana Chocolate hails from Melbourne and was founded by Pana Barbounis. The chocolate is 100% certified organic and is free from dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar, (but you wouldn’t even know from the taste!). Even the sleek packaging is made from recycled materials, so basically you’re helping the earth, along with your cravings.


“We’ve always been looking for partners in different territories away from Melbourne and Sydney and we knew we already had a great following in Adelaide,” says marketing manager Amanda Bevan.

“We always felt like we needed to come here but first we needed the right partner to do that”.

“When we found Nutrition Republic, we learnt about their business and their ethos, it was just a great marriage and now here we are today”.


When quizzed on the most popular flavours amongst Pana Chocolate enthusiasts, Amanda broke it down for us.

“You have two camps,” she explains. “You have people who love mint and people who love caramel”.

“What makes us different is our texture. People may have tried raw chocolate before and might not want to try it again but Pana’s texture is second to none. It is like a fudge, so soft, almost like a ganache. Give it a try, the flavours and beautiful and they really stand out”.

You can find Nutrition Republic at 1/100 King William Road, Goodwood.

Photography by Tom Law.

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