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The Canvas Art Factory

Many of us have been inevitably spending more time at home lately. Coincidentally, many of us have also been spending more time staring at our plain and uninspiring walls, realising it’s about time we do something to bring our living spaces to life. What better way to do that with some incredible canvas art?

Whether you’re in lockdown and need some inspiration, or are simply just looking for a refresh, The Canvas Art Factory offers a versatile, stunning and timeless selection. This 100% Australian-owned and Australian-made brand promises nothing but quality, with a variety of striking art pieces to totally reinvigorate your space.

As the designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of their artworks, The Canvas Factory are able to offer awesome prices, making it more affordable for you to fit out your home with something beautiful. That’s what we love the most! We want our spaces to look amazing, but we simply can’t justify the thought of spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on artwork at this time in our lives. Especially since we don’t know how long we plan to stay in our rentals at any given time, considering the current climate. If you’re renting, we’re sure you can relate.

Shop by collections and find art categorised by style, subject and shape. Shop by artists to find famous artworks and pieces by The Canvas Factory’s very own talented artists. This structure makes it super easy for you to narrow down your preferences.

Feeling like a touch of surrealism or impressionism? Have a favourite artist, like Vincent Van Gogh or Claude Monet? Maybe you feel like decorating your space with a theme, whether it’s animals, fashion or landscapes. And if you know exactly what wall you want to use, narrow your search down to a shape that’ll perfectly fit.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite artworks from the online store:

Blossoming Almond Tree

Kristen chose this Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece to upstyle her living room, having recently just moved into a new place! This piece is soothing with it’s cool tones, and the florals add a wonderfully feminine touch.

Nude Flair

With fluid lines to give a sense of movement, this piece was chosen by Mel to reimagine the plain white walls of her bedroom. There’s just something about black and white handdrawn art that is so timeless and chic.

Flaur & Flounce

This stunning abstract artwork is a statement piece for sure. Looking like a large slab of marble, it gives off a luxurious vibe, elevated by golden yellow touches to mimic the likes of gold speckles. We love the light pink and hints of blue-green.

London River Reflections

There’s nothing like a touch of travel inspiration and this artwork has us yearning for our old lives in London. The nostalgia hits hard. However, border restrictions won’t stop us from travelling (in our minds) with these fabulous artworks in our homes.

The Kiss

Some vibrant Art Noveau? Yes, please! The Kiss by Australian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt boasts an unforgettable bold yellow that will take any boring white wall from 0 to 100 real quick. We just love all the little details and the warmth of human interaction.

To explore the range online, visit The Canvas Factory’s website here. Happy art hunting everyone!

Artwork imagery: sourced from The Canvas Factory’s website.

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