Royal Croquet Club: Food Edition

Whether you’re heading to Royal Croquet Club for a show and forgot to eat dinner, or your just craving some bite-sized eats with your beverages, RCC have you covered with a delicious variety of edible goods this year.

On Thursday, we got the chance to have a little taste testing by the central fire-pit at Pit House, squeezing in a total of 11 different RCC food stalls in just one night.

IMG_5568 (Large)

Pit House grilled salmon.

The pit by which we ate was nothing short of impressive, enclosed in metal caging and housing a number of meats slow-sizzling over the smoky, open-fire. Pit House operator and chef Hugh Duckworth brings a wealth of overseas experience to the table, and offers some of the best grilled salmon we’ve ever tasted.

IMG_5552 (Large)

Gin Long Seafood Glass Noodles.

A favourite dish of the night was an RCC special Yum Voon Sen from Gin Long Canteen; a refreshingly light thai-flavoured dish containing a mix of fresh seafood, coriander, spices and glass noodles. We could eat this dish for days!

IMG_5534 (Large)

Artfully presented roast pumpkin!

Street ADL are serving quite a signature pumpkin dish, one which we had already had the pleasure of trying at the VIP launch of Royal Croquet Club the week before. It’s a burst of flavour on the tongue, particularly with that delectable combination of goats curd, crushed nuts and sweet roast pumpkin.

IMG_5529 (Large)

Tandoori Pizza from Naya Bar.

We were served a delightful mini pizza by Naya Bar Adelaide, and even before I realised it was named ‘Tandoori’ Pizza I had recognised the Indian flavours almost immediately, likening the flavour profiles to that of butter chicken on a pizza. Let’s face it, pizza is always a winner.

IMG_5571 (Large)

Paella plate from Comida Catering.

We only just recently discovered Comida Catering located in the Central Markets, and we pretty much fell in love from the get go. It’s a quirky, authentic Spanish tapas stall with cured meats hanging from the roof and walls lined with beer cans. These guys are hosting a stall at Royal Croquet Club and, having recently been to Spain ourselves, it’s safe to say they do make a mean traditional paella.

IMG_5560 (Large)

Banh Mi, get in mi!

Everyone loves a good Vietnamese roll. Banh Mi are offering their tasty rolls at RCC this year, full of the freshest ingredients. Pork and chicken were our favourites, completed with the exceptionally balanced ratio of meat to healthy veggie goodness. Bahn Mi are the perfect choice for for on-the-go fuel!

IMG_5591 (Large)

IMG_5602 (Large)

Scroll up, Scroll up! Icecream has arrived!

As for dessert, well let’s just say we were beyond satisfied. Popular Melbourne icecream destination Scroll Icecream have just recently opened their doors in Adelaide and they are without a doubt all the rage right now. After trying our very first Scroll Icecream at Royal Croquet Club, we can see why.

There’s something so strangely satisfying about biting into icecream that has been rolled up, but we just can’t put our finger on it. Maybe it’s the texture? Who knows, but it’s delicious. We practically inhaled the pavlova flavoured choice and absolutely devoured another insane peanut/chocolate scroll cup that seemed to resemble the flavours of a Reece’s Pieces.

Massive thanks to the crew behind Royal Croquet Club for having us come down for the ultimate foodies Fringe extravaganza. We will definitely be back for dinner and a show!

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