Running Touch takes his new album Carmine to the road

Running Touch at The Metro Sydney

Running Touch has been a big name on the Australian electronic music scene for years, so it’s safe to say his debut album Carmine was a hotly anticipated one. Following on from hits like ‘When I’m Around You’ and ‘Better Together’, the album dropped in May and continued to deliver on Running Touch’s signature atmospheric style.

Carmine is currently touring around Australia, and we were lucky enough to head along to the Sydney gig at The Metro Theatre and experience it for ourselves.

Running Touch at The Metro Sydney

Emerging onstage shrouded in smoke and moody red lighting, the opening song certainly set the scene for what was to come. Impressive vocals alongside bold movement and a myriad of instrument appearances took us through the evening, keeping the audience mesmerised with a stage presence so large it could barely be contained within The Metro.

Though he’s a beautiful vocalist, Running Touch’s singing abilities are somehow matched by his talent to jump from one instrument to another in a matter of seconds. From guitar to keyboard to drums, nothing was off-limits for this solo electronic act, leaving us wondering what tool he was going to pull out next.

Running Touch at The Metro Sydney

It was hard to focus on much else other than the display of musical talent appearing onstage, but the strong beats and contagious melodies of the music had everyone in the crowd dancing along regardless. Especially when crowd favourites like ‘My Hands’ and the new album’s naming track ‘Carmine’ were playing.

If you’re keen to experience one of Australia’s most engaging live electronic acts for yourself, Running Touch is completing the last leg of his tour in currently. With shows still in Adelaide, Newcastle, Canberra, Mackay and Melbourne, you can still snap tickets up online.

Photography by Jordan Munns

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