Sean Howard Garden Show

Talented local singer/songwriter, Sean Howard, gave a killer performance at his headlining show last Sunday whilst also celebrating his very own 21st. Hosted by home-grown record label, Deep Blue Studios, in association with the likes of popular news publication This is RadelaideYoung Henrys Brewery and clothing label For Shore Clothing Co, it was a perfect end to the week enjoying acoustic music under the warmth of the sun.

The show was held in a large residential backyard full of greenery and beautiful nature, with plenty of space to sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings. A bar run by Young Henrys was set up to the left serving beverages to guests, while a merchandise and clothing stall was set up to the right, hosted by local surf brand For Shore Clothing Co. Further back was a sausage sizzle serving up snags for just $3, with all proceeds going towards helping fund Howard’s debut album. Beside the barbecue there was also a separate stall accepting donations given by attendees to go towards the album, accepting any donation from the likes of spare change to $100+.

As the show began, the first supporting act, Ryan Cornish, warmed the crowd up with a folky, hip sound, creating a buzzing mood which set up the vibe for the rest of the day. Next up, the gorgeous Alice Haddy took to the stage, generating quite a vibing, occasionally emotional atmosphere with the performance of both uplifting and tear-jerking songs. Both acts seemingly wooed the relaxed crowd with their angelic vocals and skillful guitar work, just before Howard himself took to the stage for his headlining performance. With a kind of ‘natural grace’ one might say, Howard played his music to excited listeners, giving us an exclusive preview of just how talented he really is. He delivered amazing covers of well-known singles as well as his own, self-written songs, each of which sparked a different reaction from the crowd every time.

As we finished our delicious punch and said our goodbyes, we were left with an inspired and generally content feeling in which we can certainly thank everyone involved with the show for. We can only wait to see what the future holds for Sean Howard and the supporting artists, with such talent there is no doubt there are big things ahead.

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