Sean Howard To Play In Backyard Show

Local acoustic solo artist Sean Howard will be celebrating his 21st birthday tomorrow with an intimate backyard performance. Held in a beautiful garden at Black Forest, Sean Howard will be supported by fellow talented Adelaidians Alice Haddy and Ryan Cornish and beverages will be available from Young Henrys Brewery.

Sean Howard’s music is wonderfully light and peaceful, his angelic voice perfectly accompanied by the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. There aren’t many better ways you can recover from the Fringe than sitting among trees and enjoying the lilting sounds of Sean Howard and his guitar.

Tickets for this relaxing afternoon are $10, with all proceeds going towards Sean’s new album ‘Chasing Shores‘ which he will be heading into the studio in July to record. In summer 2015 Sean will be heading around Australia on his first national tour, so make sure you check him out tomorrow before you have to line up among screaming teenage fans for hours to get a ticket and watch him in a giant, sweaty stadium with thousands of others.

See you all there!

Click here to buy tickets

Image sourced from Sean Howard’s Facebook page

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