Simmone Standing The Launch

Simmone Standing the Label launched her debut collection at the Hotel Richmond to a crowd eager to see what she had designed. The brand was established after Simmone left her previous label, as she felt there were too many bad vibes. Months later, with the Emerging Designer Award under her belt and an amazing collection many of us would die to wear, Simmone clearly made there right choice in taking a chance with a new label.

Before the show, many of the models were nervous before their debut catwalk run. Hermes had recently acquired a small collection of new talent, and many of them had yet to face the crowd on a catwalk run. With their long limbs and gorgeous faces, they obviously had nothing to worry about as they would surely fit right into the role of model.

The guests were served local wine and champagne by the lovely bar staff, and generous servings of canapés were sent around. Everything from antipasto to salt and pepper squid was on offer, to ensure guests has an enjoyable time.

The clothing was unsurprisingly to die for. As the limber models strutted down a catwalk flowing with fairy lights and sheer drapes, the simple white theme allowed guests to really appreciate the details. Sharp pleating, eccentric cut-outs and hints of sheer made the outfits unique and desirable, with with every girl in the audience eyeing off the amazing crop top and maxi-skirt finale ensemble.

The online shop has yet to launch, but when it does, you can bet there’ll be in influx of white womenswear on the streets of Adelaide.

Simmone Standing the Website

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