Skin Physics’ Dragon’s Blood Range

Skin Physics' Dragon's Blood Range

Made in Australia and New Zealand, Skin Physics is a high-quality skincare brand forging science and nature into one. Their products are made using rare and pristine ingredients from all over the world, with ingredient purity being at the core of everything they do. Whether it comes from the Aussie Outback or the jungles of the Amazon, Skin Physics thrives to reap nature’s benefits.

Respecting the conservation of natural resources, the brand is also environmentally aware – a huge tick from us. So when we were approached to collab with Skin Physics, we jumped at the chance to work with such a quality, well-respected brand!

Last week, we were gifted a couple of products from Skin Physics’ sought after Dragon’s Blood Range, designed to plump, hydrate, rejuvenate and protect. This anti-anging selection promotes aging naturally, void of injections, lasers and surgery. It is also suitable for all skin colours, types and conditions.

And sure, we both may be in our 20’s still, but it’s no secret that the key aging gracefully is starting a skincare routine early. Get us on that anti-aging wagon, ASAP.

Trying out the Facial Sculpting Gel and the Ultra Plumping Night Cream, we started to see a difference almost instantly.

Applying the sculpting gel in the morning would be a great start to the day. It smells so fresh and leaves your skin scented, but only subtly so. However, arguably most importantly, the gel gives your face a really youthful, dewy appearance. Applying just a small amount to the face, the gel smooths over wrinkles and lines, offering a creamy consistency that still manages to remain lightweight. It plumps the skin in seconds, leaving you ready to leave the house fresh-faced and fabulous. It certainly feels like a quality product, that’s for sure.

The night cream achieves similar results, leaving the face plumped and soft as ever. Hydrating and firming, it uses the nourishing antioxidant properties of nature’s Dragon’s Blood Extract and Argan Oil to enrich the skin. It also contains these funky things called ‘3D Plumping Spheres’ that apparently deliver a high dose of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin. This works to smooth out wrinkles and firms the skin. Very fancy indeed.

There’s so much more to the Skin Physics Dragon’s Blood range, too, from cleansers and wrinkle fillers, to hydration masks and a daily moisturiser. You can also get your hands on neat little packs, with three or four products in one bundle. These would make a wonderful gift – many of them are on sale now too! Just head to Skin Physics website to find out more and buy online.

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