Slide N Shake into this Sydney burger hotspot

Slide N Shake EBB Burger

It’s no secret ya girls love a good burg, so we were super keen to go check out another Sydney institution, Slide N Shake. Specialising in all the usual goodies, from juicy Angus beef burgers to spicy buffalo wings, in true Adelaidian style we tried a little of everything off the menu and are here to tell you our faves.

Slide N Shake Wings

First up, the buffalo wings. Do yourself a favour and get a serving of these tasty morsels, preferable with the Portuguese sauce. You can also opt for hot or BBQ, but we found the Portuguese to have just the right amount of spice without being too hot, with a zingy flavour that pairs perfectly with the creamy blue cheese sauce.

Slide N Shake Cheesy Fries

The cheesy chips are another must, featuring a basket of crispy shoestring fries topped with not one, but two kinds of cheese; grated and cheese sauce.

Slide N Shake EBB Burger

When we go for burgers we don’t come to play, which is why we had to try the Everything’s Better with Bacon burger, on the menu as the EBB. Loaded up with six pieces of crispy bacon separated by two juicy Angus beef patties, a double serving of cheese, pickles, tomato and chipotle mayo, this bad boy isn’t for the faint-hearted but is sure to satisfy any burger craving. If you’re still after that tasty bacon goodness but aren’t sure if you can commit to the full EBB, there’s also a JNR EBB on the menu, with a single patty and two pieces of bacon.

Slide N Shake Churros

Wash it all down with one of Slide N Shake’s famous milkshakes to complete this OTT feast. Our fave was the peanutella, combining spoonfuls of Nutella with crushed hazelnuts and peanuts to create a decadent treat reminiscent of a Ferrero Rocher. Teamed with some of their crispy churros, how could you go wrong?

If you’re keen to get your hands on one of Slide N Shake’s burgs, wings or loaded fries, you can check them out at a few different locations around Sydney, or by ordering via Uber Eats.

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