Soulara’s New Almond Mylk’s Are 100% Plant-Based Deliciousness

Soulara's new plant-based Almond Mylk range

Looking to try a plant-based diet in Veganuary? One of our fave ready-made meal companies Soulara is here to help with that, delivering you tasty meals packed full of nutrients, sans any animal products. As well as meals, Soulara whip up and deliver to your door delicious breakfasts, snacks and drinks, with the latest addition to their range being some yummy Almond Mylks.

Available in three flavours, Creamy Cold Brew, Holy Cacao and Banana Bliss, they’re all made with an activated almond milk base that’s super smooth to drink. Our top flavour actually surprised us, as we thought for sure we’d love the coffee one most. And although it is delicious, Banana Bliss definitely took the cake.

Made using pureed banana, plant protein powder, prebiotic fibre, a pinch of salt and, of course, activated almond milk, it’s a really yummy breakfast smoothie-style drink that’s perfect for grabbing and going on busy mornings.

Soulara's new plant-based Almond Mylk range

Not just for drinking, you can use Soulara’s almond milk in lots of other fun ways too, like to make overnight oats or chia seed puddings. You can check out some of their recipes here.

If you’re keen to add some refreshing almond milk to your cart but also want to try some other plant-based products, here are some of our faves. The Soya, Edamame & Black Funghi Udon is a great veggie alternative to the classic noodle takeout dish, sans the truckloads of salt and sugar. The Ruby Sunrise Chia Pudding is a really fresh and delish way to start your day, sprinkled with coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, cacao nibs and a dollop of coconut yoghurt. And to finish your day off, tuck into one of our all-time fave snacks, a Choc Chip Cookie Dough Bite.

Soulara’s Almond Mylks come in packs of three individual flavours, or try all three flavours in the Almond Mylk Ascension Pack. You can use our code ADELAIDIAN30 for $30 off your first order, and save some money on these yummy plant-based goodies!

Images supplied by Soulara

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