Spoil your tastebuds with Distill’s new cocktail spread

East End’s at it again, and this time the news couldn’t be sweeter.

Unless you’re living under an air-conditioned rock you are currently experiencing a weather shift. Out are the days of Netflix & chill and in are the days of road trips, daytime bar hangs and those after work knock offs. In light of summer coming, our Rundle Street favourite Distill launched their seasonal cocktail menu to the public on Friday just gone, offering patrons a set of new and improved concoctions. With such refreshing and contemporary takes upon some age-old classics, Distill is set to be the East End’s watering hole this summer.


Distill bar manager, Caetlyn Collins tells us more about Distill’s ingrained cocktail culture, as she states: “Since being established in 2006, Distill has created a progressive and sustainable reputation, not only for the atmosphere itself, but for our unique mix of seasonal cocktails that have now become one of the most predominant reasons cliental visit Distill.”

“At our downstairs bar, you can enjoy the afternoon summer sun sipping one of your favourites and then when the night starts to become more upbeat, you can enjoy the rustic attic vibes upstairs,” she continues, “Friday and Saturday nights at Distill kicks on to the early hours of 3am, and I have to admit, the espresso martinis don’t stop coming.”


The cocktail spread, developed by Caetlyn in conjunction with co-bar manager Callum Flory, aims to stimulate the senses through being both aesthetic in sight and satisfying in aroma and taste. Caetlyn described the menu as inspired by the warmth of summer and some traditional favourites and, as we at The Adelaidian are not opposed to a nice drop or three (hundred), we decided to head down and check out what all the fuss is about.

Having certainly not been disappointed in sampling each of the appetizing beverages, we thought we’d fill you in on some of our top picks off of the brand new summer menu!

Bourbon Peach Tea Sour


Comprised of Makers Mark, Darjeeling tea liqueur, fresh peach puree, hints of lemon, & of course the signature egg white, this contemporary take on the Classic Whisky Sour compliments old with new.

Raspberry Smash


Coming into summer, this unique tropical blend is a must and also a Distill staff favourite. Presented in a copper mug, this moreish cocktail is built to serve, containing flavours of muddled raspberries, mint, fresh apple juice, brown sugar, dashes of lime, and a generous splash of rum.

Blackberry & Sage Collins


The variation on Distill favourite, Blackberry Collins, is itself a colourful twist on a classic Tom Collins. Consisting of sage infused gin, crushed blackberries, simple syrup, and a dash of lemon, this ones set to be a preference among gin lovers.

Elderflower Old Fashion


Presented in a crystal double rocks glass, this experimental twist on the cocktail forefather himself stirs up quite a liking with bartenders and whiskey enthusiasts alike, comprising Buffalo Trace bourbon, St Germain, elderflower Monin and, of course, ‘A Gentleman’s Tonic’ aromatic bitters – this creation is definitely a bartender’s pick.



The Agavesta is a personal favourite of mine. Made up of the brother & sister combo; agave nectar & tequila. With a squeeze of mango puree, and fresh traces of basil, and lime running through the blend, the Agavesta is set to be this summers go to.

New World Mojito


The New World Mojito is the same refreshing mojito we’ve come to connect with summer, yet contains the additions of fresh cucumber, coriander, cracked pepper, and garnished with a sliver of cucumber. This one is the perfect beverage to take us into those warm summer nights and bring us out refreshed, relaxed and most likely a fair bit tipsy.

Distill is open Thursdays through Sundays, with all cocktail pricing at $18. Located 286 Rundle Street, head on down this summer to get your refreshing taste of Distill!


Image credit: Distill Facebook Page

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