Stadium Stomp Energises Adelaide Oval

After our weeks of training, Stadium Stomp at Adelaide Oval finally rolled around. Despite some rain in the early morning, the clouds rolled back to reveal a beautiful winter’s day in Adelaide.

Hundreds of fitness freaks were ready to complete the challenge of climbing 6,000 steps, all set to start at different wave times. Warm-up areas were available, with free exercise machines for those wanting to get in a little cardio beforehand.

For those not competing, there was plenty of space to sit and watch the fun. Selfie-booths were available to capture that post-fitness glow, and a little marketplace was filled with free samples of protein-goodies.

Once the challenge had been completed, competitors received a free massage at the finish line to help soothe those tired muscles.

For those up in sunny Brisbane, the final Stadium Stomp will be held on Sunday the 30th of July. Keep your eyes peeled for more Stadium Stomp coming back in 2018, where you can register to tackle the stairs all over again!

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