Stay home in luxury with Deshabille Sleepwear

Want to know a sure-fire way to level up your #stayhome wardrobe? You guessed it — a set of luxury pyjamas. And with most of us spending significantly more time at home these days, we might as well be making the most of it, right? Allow us to introduce you to a totally lush Sydney-born brand worth checking out: Deshabillé Sleepwear.

Designer Roslyn Gleave created the Deshabillé brand all the way back in 2006. Aiming to offer a range of sexy and flattering sleepwear options, Roslyn focuses on designing with fabrics that feel soft and luxurious. Think elegantly draped modal robes, silky slips and matching PJ sets. On top of that, the range also includes luxury beachwear and loungewear.

Finished with elegant trims and embroideries, every Deshabillé piece has the power to make you feel a million dollars (without spending the millions). On the topic of home wear, Roselyn says: “It is amazing how many people wear daggy worn out items around the home!”

She continues: “Our loungewear is not only comfortable and practical, it is also beautiful and flattering to wear. This means that you don’t need to feel ‘daggy’ when you get home from work and slip your comfy clothes on. You can now feel special and beautiful at home too.”

We don’t know about you, but with all the time we’re spending at home recently, we couldn’t agree more. It’s so important to do what we can to keep motivated in these trying times. If you’re like us, a special comfy home ensemble can do just the trick. It makes us feel the same way we feel when we get our nails done — like we have our lives together. ?

We both picked out the Manor Robe in ivory and black for something simple and elegant to wear around the house. It gives us glamourous ‘queen-of-the manor’ vibes, so the name is pretty fitting!

Honestly, the photos online didn’t do this robe justice, mainly because you can’t tell through a digital image just how soft this fabric is. We were actually so surprised when we tried it on. Made of modal spandex jersey, this sophisticated robe also streamlines the figure and offers stretch for ease of movement. Best part? The fabric doesn’t crease, either!

We also chose the Manor Shorts Set in ivory and the Manor PJ Set in pink. Both offered that same, luxe-feel fabric with 0 crease. This has got to be our new favourite sleepwear fabric, we simply can’t fault it.

The PJ sets feature lush contrast piping and embroidery, with a sateen drawstring waist to fit. Again, they kind of give us ‘rich girl’ vibes, and we are all about it! We can imagine kicking back in silk sheets, sipping wine and having a Selling Sunset marathon in them.

To check out the range head to the Deshabillé website. They’ve also got a great value sale on right now, so go check it out!

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