Photo Diary: Summer-ready with You&Eye $30 sunglasses

After the sunny weekend just passed, we pretty much rediscovered the use of sunglasses again and came to the realisation that our eyewear collection needed some major updating before entering the warmer seasons. With winter coming to an end and spring just around the corner, we’re on the hunt for some funky new sun-specs and we think we’ve found just the label for us.

You&Eye is an up and coming sunglasses label launched just this year by 20 year old Georgia from Adelaide who has a love for accessorising and mixing things up. In her pursuit of searching for affordable and stylish sunglasses to mix and match with, she found this particular area of the fashion market lacking. There was no one brand that offered sunglasses significantly cheap and fashionable and thus, she decided to create her own. Having launched on Instagram initially, the project instantly took off, which saw the need for Georgia to launch a website and online shopping platform:


We know that when we’re shopping for cheap sunnies to style with, we tend to start with Sportsgirl who offer on-trend eyewear at $40 a pop. While this isn’t expensive, it’s certainly not the cheapest either, particularly if you know you aren’t the most careful with your sunglasses and often end up breaking or losing them (let’s face it, that is actually quite a common issue for the majority of us!). Other shops we browse often offer the same $40-$50 price range or more for a pair of super sleek specs; however, You&Eye’s vantage point is they offer each pair as little as $30 each.

And the range is definitely trendy, with reflective lenses and a dainty thin frame being key characteristics of the designs. Despite a thin frame, the glasses actually feel a lot stronger than they look at first, but it’s still important to look after them as we all know sunglasses. break. easily. Each pair is designed for versatility to suit any outfit, boasting feminine qualities, a level of chic and a hint of edge. Our favourite pair would have to be the ‘I Don’t Glare’ in black and gold (pictured in the first image below).

Scroll through to see more from our You&Eye lookbook and, if you like what you see, be sure to get prepared for that summer sun and shop here.

Photography together: Callum Jackson
Photography individual: Kristen Byass and Melissa Zahorujko

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