T2’s new goodies are 2 tasty

T2 are embracing festive season this year with a brand new range of delicious and ambitious tea, as well as some aesthetic teawears to play around with.

Having been invited to suss out the new range at The Watson Hotel the other week, we got stuck into some of the fruity new flavours and exotic blends T2 have on offer.

The T2 Limited Edition Teas were definitely a highlight, offering 6 delectable blends that each come packaged in a special little feature tin decorated with funky patterns, colours and illustrations. The Tutti Fruity was a favourite of ours, served as an ice tea and complete with an infusion of tropical flavours and sliced fruit.

T2 have really gone above and beyond in terms of packaging for this range: the ‘mini fruit’ series teas have got to be the cutest tea packaging we’ve seen in a long time. Little cardboard boxes shaped as fruits hold loose tea leaves flavoured to that of their packaging – Mini Banana, Mini Peach, Mini Watermelon and Mini Apple are all up for grabs!

As for teawares, T2 have again taken the cake with beautifully intricate designs on dainty ceramics and crockery. Bold colours and delicate patterns make the new range from T2 a quirky cupboard must-have.

So, if you’re buying Kris Kringle for a tea-lover this Christmas, or are just truly stuck for unique Christmas gift ideas, we can assure you the range from T2 is well worth consideration… We’re secretly wishing for one of those gorgeous delicate tea sets!

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