Teleporting back to the Prohibition era

Prohibition adelaide fringe

Experience 80 minutes of the 1920’s prohibition era with Prohibition: a variety show boasting film-noir glamour and jaw-dropping performance, returning once more to Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Held in an intimate tent at Gluttony, Prohibiton’s cast of incredibly talented acrobats, singers and magicians will have you truly immersed in every scene. Whether it’s “jaded private dick” Detective Dirk Darrow who drags you up on stage and nearly annihilates your hand with a broken glass trick (yes, that did actually happen to Mel during the show), or the sensual singer who tries to steal you away from your beloved partner (this didn’t happen to us because we have no partners), you never know what to expect next.

The funny, hunched over Dado provides a childlike humour and simple magic tricks that’ll still have you thinking ‘How the hell did he do that?‘ Though some of the tricks can be figured out for those who have experienced multiple magic shows before, they are executed fluidly and effortlessly, which takes a certain level of skill that not just anyone can achieve.

We were wowed by the acrobatic lady in a blue Gatsby-esque flapper dress who climbed on top of stacks of cocktail glasses as if it were a game of jenga, balancing at the very top and never once falling off. She also performed a romantic number with one of the men in the cast, both of which perform duo moves as if it comes naturally to them.

Prohibition was held in quite a small space, so we can imagine having a quiet audience could hinder a vibrant atmosphere; lucky for us, we were part of a lively crowd who thrived in the show’s audience interaction.

The show will be running until the end of Fringe. Tickets can be purchased here.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

Image sourced from WeekendNotes


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