The Adelaidian vs. a Nash Big Brother Burgers Feast

We’ve been practising social distancing for so long now we almost forgot what it was like to be faced with a feast as big, as delicious, as soulful as the one we met at Nash Big Brother Burgers. Located in The Cannery in Rosebery (a very cool melting pot of culture and cuisine that’s worth a visit on its own), Nash prides itself on serving up the best kind of burgers; cheesy, saucy and OTT big.

We were recommended the BBQ Bourbon Brisket and the Big Brother Nash Burger, and they definitely sounded like the best two on the menu so we locked them in. The BBQ Bourbon Brisket was SO JUICY, piled high with slow-cooked brisket, crispy bacon, crunchy buttermilk onion rings, fiery jalapenos and smokey cheese and sauce. Every bite offered a little of something different, as it was almost impossible to fit the whole thing in your mouth at once. The bun was super buttery and soft as well, allowing all the flavours of the filling shine through. 12/10 would definitely recommend to everyone, whether you’re after a comforting meal with friends or a recovery hangover meal.

nash big brother sydney bbq bourbon brisket burger

The Big Brother Nash Burger was stuffed with double beef, double cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, caramelised onion, BBQ sauce and Nash special sauce. For those who like double everything, this one’s for you. It was fat and juicy with delicious goodness spilling out the sides every time you took a bite. Messy but satisfying, it was the burger to quench all burger cravings.

Like any good burger joint, Nash also offer a range of tempting sides to make your meal a feast. We ordered the mac and cheese (of course) which was a super generous serving and extremely gooey, which is exactly the way you want your mac and cheese. We also got the dirty fries, which again were a pretty large serving and came topped with double cheese, double bacon, house-made chilli and Nash Special Sauce. While Nash also serves up a mean fried chicken, they happened to have a special on that evening, loaded wings. The lovechild between loaded fries and fried chicken, we got the nacho wings, which was essentially corn chips, guac and chilli on top of a hot pile of wings. Amazing? Definitely.

nash big brother sydney loaded wings

We’re not usually big on milkshakes, but when we saw a Nutella Milo concoction on the menu, we knew we had to give it a shot. The shakes were super thick and rich, giving you that amazing chocolate hit and washing down the delicious salt and fat from the meal with a cold sweetness. They were also rimmed with Nutella, which we had loads of fun licking off.

If you’d still prefer to eat at home (we definitely don’t blame you), Nash is offering delivery through Menulog, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. You can also order online through the Nash website and opt to pick it up and take it away.

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