The Beer Porter at NOLA

Quality, on demand craft beer and a Louisiana style BBQ – sign me up yesterday!

The East End’s NOLA Adelaide is changing the way delicious brews are served at events with a revolutionary mobile beer-bar. You read that right. Mobile. Beer. Bar.

The Beer Porter have done the seemingly impossible and made it a reality to enjoy a pint of your favourite amber brew straight from the keg while at an outdoor event of festival.

The launch of this genius innovation will be held on Sunday 29th May from 12pm at the laneway behind your humble hosts, NOLA, who have teamed up with Crackle and Pop Records for a pop-up store, Studio Chroma art, and live music streamed from Soundpond. Honestly, what more could you possibly want?

Don’t miss out on the inauguration of one the greatest modernisations of beer in the history of beer. Ever.

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