The ultimate night in with Rey Loco

Rey Loco Premixed Tequila Cans

Tequila is definitely having a moment. Personally, we’ve never drunk quite as many margaritas or done as many tequila shots as right now – it seems to have taken over as the spirit of choice for people around Sydney. But what about when you’re not out and can’t be bothered shaking a fresh marg at home? Enter Rey Loco, a new tequila-based premixed cocktail brand that’s just launched in Australia.

Coming in hot, Rey Loco is available in two fun flavours; Tequila Blood Orange & Soda and Tequila Lime & Soda. Perfectly balanced and refreshingly citrusy, each can uses 100% real tequila topped up with effervescent soda. The unique designs on the cans have been inspired by Mucho Libre Mexican wrestling and Latina-style telenovela storytelling.

Rey Loco Premixed Tequila Cans

It’s hard to believe these tasty drinks sit at only 99 calories a can, but Rey Loco has managed to pack in all the flavour and alcohol while keeping those cals low. That makes them perfect for sipping at home, ideally alongside a fresh bowl of nachos while costing up on the couch for movie night.

If you’re keen to get some Rey Loco into your fridge, you can pick up a four-pack at BWS and Dan Murphy’s Australia-wide.

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